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Our template


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The picture shows our template, where all the colors and materials, which we currently are using have been placed.

  • The Template is totally free, the only cost is for the courier services (PLN 20 around Poland)
  • Velour: 11 colors
  • Metallized paper: 10 colors
  • Decorative structured paper: 2 colors
  • Foiled decorative paper (also is available in non foiled version): 14 colors
  • Foil for Hot-Stamping: 4 colors

We understand how important and at the same time difficult it can be to make a decision. In addition, online shopping does not make it easier to provide customers with the actual colors and structure of the paper in the photos.

We want you to feel joy and satisfaction at the sight of our exclusive packaging, which is why we have created a solution. For your convenience and confidence, we offer a personalized booklet with samples of paper / veneers. Make a decision with comfort and peace of mind, exactly how the unique gift box, which will soon be in your hands, should look like!

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