A picture worth more than a thousand words!

We want to match the packaging perfectly to your needs. That’s why we present you a wide selection of paper, velour and bookbinding veneers so that you can see them with your own eyes. You might be surprised by the variety of types and colors we currently have. It is extremely important for us to use proven materials from reliable sources. Therefore, for the production of decorative boxes, we use products that have the necessary FSC certificates.

Our template

We understand how important and at the same time difficult it can be to make a decision. In addition, online shopping does not make it easier to provide customers…

Metallic paper

It is an exceptionally elegant and exclusive collection of decorative papers. The characteristic external appearance of a colored pearl gloss…

Waterproof decorative papers

We use the highest quality double-sided papers with ecological FSC and ECF certificates.
In addition, they are refined with a waterproof foil, making the box more luxurious and resistant to dirt and water…

Textured paper

We also offer exclusive structured decorative papers. Thanks to the use of modern technologies

Velour | flock

Velor paper is the kind of material that will make your box, besides from the eye-catching look, also wonderful to the touch…

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